Our History

MFO was born out of the pain of the financial collapse in 2008. The founder, Jeff Lucas, was running an apparel company with a giving component: every shirt bought fed a child for two months and every pair of shoes bought gave a pair of shoes to someone in need. The company was running at max capacity with 9 factories in 3 countries when the market crashed. All orders were cancelled leaving the clothing with no home to go to.
Jeff was broken with no idea what to do, down on his face wailing before God when he realized he had run out ahead of God. Then and there, Jeff asked for forgiveness and was forgiven. He knew it would be painful but trusted that God would walk him through it. Everyone told Jeff to file for bankruptcy, but he felt God saying “no.” Instead Jeff liquidated everything including his 401k, stocks, retirement, etc. Thankfully he and his wife were able to keep their house, but that was all they had left.
Left with a football-sized warehouse of inventory, Jeff wondered how he’d get out of the mess. Staring at his black hole of clothing and shoes, he felt God saying to give away 13,000 pairs of shoes, which were already meant to be given away under his old business model. After an internal struggle and much prayer, Jeff finally grudgingly gave away the shoes. He called LIFE Outreach International and unenthusiastically asked, “Do you want them or what?” They were ecstatic and more than happy to take the shoes for their outreach.
Three months later Jeff started receiving calls from around the world. Everyone was asking him, “We were told you gave these shoes to LIFE Outreach. What’s different about these shoes than the others we’ve gotten?  The children’s feet are healthier.” Jeff had no idea why the shoes were different, so he told each of them he’d have to call back.
When Jeff called the factory manager, he was told that prior to injecting the material into the mold they were putting an antimicrobial agent into it. Then and there Jeff knew that God knew what the shoe was meant for even before he did and if he placed all his trust and faith in Him, the black hole he faced would be transformed into his wildest dreams and visions.
Millions from One was born and the shoes multiplied from 13,000 to 700,000 pairs over the next few years.
One day Jeff was invited to a church in Weatherford, Texas. They wanted to build water wells and send his shoes to Guatemala. The pastor spoke about the project and then directed the congregation outside to the tables where they could get more information from volunteers. Jeff stood by watching as the volunteers spoke of the “angel in the shoe.” He thought they were speaking metaphorically, but after he heard the expression for the 5th time, he asked. The volunteer said, “You made the shoe right?” Jeff had no idea what she was talking about, so she showed him the inside of the shoe. The pattern on the inside was clearly shaped like an angel. Jeff was left standing slack jawed in amazement.
When the shoes were in production, Jeff had asked for a simple dimple pattern so that people’s feet wouldn’t slip out. He had no idea what the pattern looked like until that moment. Again he felt God reminding him that He knew what the shoes were for before Jeff ever did. 
Millions from One has now reached over 2,000,000 people with their antimicrobial shoes and deep-water wells.